We Crave The Quiet stands for stillness, loneliness and letting go.

We Crave The Quiet combines alternative pop with soundscapes. Dark and desolated landscape pop. Music that evokes images of vast snowfields and dark forests, of high mountains and deep lakes.

We Crave The Quiet lets you feel the snow. Makes you run with the wind in your hair and the rain on your face. Stops you in the great crowd, still and alone.
You hear, see and feel.

And the rest is silence.

Jula Aimée Kalshoven | vocals
Roeland Scherff | guitars
Jonas David Kröper | drums

|Enviable, intriguing, alternative pop music. The soundtrack of your own imagination| Altcountryforum

|This accesible, spherical, altnernative music will welcome a wide range of open minded fans| White Room Review

|The song ‘Leave’ contains a stunning melody, so desperate that everything stills| In De Ban Van


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